Subjective evaluation of perceived video quality on mobile devices

You are participating in an evaluation of HDTV videos up to 1920x1080 pixel for the delivery over the open internet to smartphones. The clips shown represent typical broadcast content. The subjective quality of the percieved video can be voted from 0 to 100. There is no audio in this test. Each scene takes 10 seconds and will be repeated once. Therefore each clip will play 20 seconds. The clips have been encoded at different bitrates and formats from a high quality production recording in 1080p/50. You can adapt your viewing distance to your needs.

This test contains a training session followed by two test sessions. Each session can be repeated on different smartphones. The second test session is optional, as it may not ne supported on your device. Each session contains 6 trials. In each trial you will see multiple representations of the same scene (aka. content), designated by "A,B,C..." and a Reference "REF". The Reference represents the best quality available in this test. If you notice any degradation, you can downgrad you vote for "REF". Every clip needs to be viewed completely until it can be voted. You are free to choose the order of playback. Please use your touchscreen to rate to quality of each clip by tapping on the slider between 0 to 100, which best represents your perception.

After having rated all clips in a trial, select "SAVE" to send your votes including an anonymous User-ID including the User-Agent of your browser to IRT for later statistical analysis. You may want to interrupt the evaluation after finishing any trial to carry on later. In this case please write down the last trial- and session-number which you completed recently. The test ends, when you at least finished all trials of session 1.

Bild: User Interface